Dried Pineapple Flowers

dried pineapple flower in chia seed yogurt

I'm still swooning over these dried pineapple flowers. They're completely beautiful—and completely edible. I so wish I could say I was the genius behind these little gems, but alas, this recipe belongs to Annie's Eats.

Annie, you truly are a genius. The deep orange edges and pollen-like centers...they look just like a flower. How'd you know pineapple slices would transform like this, Annie? How?

(But seriously. How.)

dried pineapple flower collage

I photographed mine with chia seed yogurt I made for breakfast, but they look more like dessert garnish, right? Cupcakes toppings, iced cookies even. Or you could fill the center of a mini bunt cake.

Who am I kidding, you could toss these flowers on a raw steak and I'd still be impressed.

dried pineapple flower close up

dried pineapple flowers in muffin pan

These things are easy peasy to make. I love speciality items that carry little to no complications. Which is also why I'm still obsessing over my lavender coffee syrup. Unexpected, and hardly any effort on your part.

Tips for Making Dried Pineapple Flowers

Here's how you make 'em: remove the rind, cut translucent slices, bake at 225 degrees for 60-90 minutes, flipping half way through, and let them set in a muffin pan to form upward petals. (See more detailed instructions on Annie's blog post.)

In case you happen to have the same questions I did, you'll find these tips helpful:

  • The pits you create when removing the seeds and leftover skin actually make for better flowers. They help create the petals. So don't be afraid to cut off everything but the pineapple meat, just like Annie's photo.
  • The original recipe calls for a total baking time of 60 minutes. Mine took about 90.
  • You really do want thin, thin slices. Depending on your knife skills, some of your pineapple slices will be thicker, and that's ok. Just leave them in the oven longer.
  • The more dry they are when you remove them from the oven, the more likely they'll retain their upward shape from the muffin pan. But don't over dry. Otherwise they won't form upwards at all.
  • For larger slices, I used a large muffin pan. For the smaller slices (my pineapple was really small), I used a mini muffin pan. Both worked great.

dried pineapple flower next to muffin pan

dried dried pineapple flower with chia seed yogurt

And there you have it. Very little effort for a very big wow factor. If you end up making these, I would love to hear how you used them! If you know of any other fruit that magically transform like these pineapple slices, share in the comments.

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